10 Common Plumbing Problems in High-Rise Apartments

Common plumbing issues

A high-rise apartment can be desirable for a lot of us; with great sale prices and affordable rents, almost all of us look forward to living in it. However, some of the common plumbing problems in a high-rise apartment can leave it undesirable. There’s a possibility that you are taking care of your plumbing system, but because of your neighbor’s drainage system, your drains are getting clogged and damaged. Without you even realizing it, it can cause a huge lot of damage to your plumbing systems. To make sure that you are keeping a check on it, it is essential to know about the common problems that one could find in high-rise apartments. Take a peek at these top 10 common plumbing issues in high-rise apartments.

1) Bathroom Flooding

Getting your bathrooms flooded with water can be one of the worst plumbing situations one could get caught in. Not just can this lead to getting your house flooded, but you will also end up getting your ceiling damaged, which is undesirable. All the damaged water supply pipes can cause flooding. Remember, the damage caused by bathroom flooding can be extensive.

2) Frequently Clogged Drains

There is a lot of time when the toilets and the sinks that are getting clogged get unnoticed because of which the waste and debris in the pipes get build-up, and the drains end up getting ridiculously clogged, which affects the water flow from your high-rise apartments. The best way to make sure that you don’t end up worsening the situation is advisable to get in touch with us for all your plumbing problems because our experts have the best ways to deal with them, such as La Hydro Jetting.

3) Dripping Faucets

Almost everyone living in the high-rise apartments must have experienced the issue of dripping faucets. Not only that you’ll get frustrated, but your water bills can reach a great height because of the dripping faucets. To avoid the wastage of water, the professional plumber disassembles the faucet and takes the necessary steps in order to reassemble the faucets.

4) Clogged Toilet

Are you fed up with getting your toilet bowl filled up and not draining away? It’s the clog that’s irritating you. The blockages in the toilet can be caused by the mixture of some other hard materials with human waste. With the help of a plunger or a drain auger, a clogged toilet can be treated.

5) Running Toilet

With a running toilet, you can waste up to 200 gallons each day; this is not just an adverse act towards the environment but towards your pocket, too, because your water bills are going to skyrocket. This may be caused by sediment affecting the flushing; if you ever have a doubt that you have a running toilet, check for the silent leaks and seek plumbing services.

6) Hot Water Heater Leaking

A buildup of sediment in the tank can result in the hot water heater leaking. There’s also a high possibility that your faulty water heater might not be working because the pilot light is gone out; therefore, keep a check on it and relight it. However, when it comes to the hot water heater, it is advisable to reach out to professional plumbers to deal with the problem, or else you’ll end up worsening the situation.

7) Low Water Pressure

The old high-rise apartments are more likely to have these issues of low water pressure. Because of the build-up of mineral deposits and sediment, you may find your taps comparatively slower. However, one of the other reasons for low water pressure is the leaking pipes that have become broken.

8) Toilet Pipe Leaking

Who would like to welcome bugs in their houses because of a weak plumbing system? A leaky pipe doesn’t just affect your plumbing system but also damages your furniture and furnishings. You may temporarily fix it with tape, but to find a long-term solution for your leaky pipes, you need to get in touch with a plumber that has professional knowledge about fixing and replacing the pipes.

9) Bad Sewer System Backup

Sewer system backup is nothing more than a nightmare. The bad odor can make it the most unhygienic and disgusting thing to fix. If you are having a lot of clogged in your high-rise apartment, then this is the high time to give a check to your sewer system.

10) Unmaintained Safety Valves

The plumbing systems of the high-rise apartments require adequate safety valves. The cross-contamination between the different units can only be reduced by installing safety valves. If these valves are not maintained as per the need, they can result in low water pressure, slow drainages, and other plumbing problems.

It is essential to carefully take into account the condition of your plumbing system to make things run smoothly. Relying on professional plumbers can help you out in sustaining your plumbing systems and reducing higher costs. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, and seek the best plumbing services!

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