How to Spot a Gas Line Leak and What Measures Should We Take to Control It?

Leak Repairs in Los Angeles

A Gas line leak can be fatal for your physical as well as mental health. Breathing in natural gas can cause major challenges for a human being. Some of them are; vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. The biggest symptom of natural gas causing you to harm is periodical coughing and shortness of breath. The moment you notice these two systems, it is hugely recommended to step out of your house and see a medical professional or a practitioner.

Difference between major and minor leak

It is important to know the difference between a major and minor gas leak. There is a contrasting difference between a major and a minor leak. The major leak has an addictive smell like sulfur which is able to be recognized immediately because of its unpleasant odor. The small leaks, on the other hand, are difficult to notice and comprehend. People often mistake the small leaks for neurosis; however, its effects are still harmful to a certain extent.

Gas lines are usually located behind the walls or under the flooring, and they are contained in black iron pipes or copper pipes. Household gas leaks are more common than we think it is. Gas leakage mainly goes unnoticed because of its intangible nature, unlike the obvious and clear form of water leakage or corrosion on the pipe. Popular household appliances such as clothes dryers, oven and stove sets, and pool and water heaters all use natural gas as a component to work in their usage, and surprisingly, in most cases, gas leakage doesn’t hamper their functionality. This is another reason why we fail to notice gas leakage.

How to Detect a Gas Leak:

Stinking of rotten eggs:

Natural gas is colorless and odorless when it is in its pure form. Gas companies add substances known as odorants to natural gas to produce an odor that is comparable to sulfur or rotting eggs in order to make gas leaks easier to detect. The likelihood that you have a gas leak increases with the intensity of the scent. An older gas grill may give off a little whiff of this fragrance when turned on, but the majority of energy-conscious grills created in the past 15 years shouldn’t.

This raises an insightful question; what causes gas leaks?

The answer to the question is basically a combination of natural shortcomings and some unprofessional work by untrained plumbers. Untrained plumbers make the mistake of installing low-quality lines and fitting in the complex plumbing system. As a direct result of that, water leaks transpire, which then forms corrosion of lines and valves. Before any damage control is put into practice, natural gas has already spread all over the house. The only other cause of gas leaks is observed in the case of natural disasters since they have the capacity to disrupt the entire framework and the supply pipe.

Tips for Gas Leak Prevention

Damaged Gas Fittings

Always be vigilant in checking up on your gas line infrastructure. If you find that your gas fitting is damaged or old, there is a huge chance of a gas leak. It is recommended to hire a professional and get the infrastructure replaced or at least get a leak detection test recorded. If you want to consult with a professional regarding gas leak repairs in Los Angeles, then refer to our certified technician team at Wolf Plumbing and Rooters Service Inc.

Conduct personal Inspections

The easiest way to conduct a gas inspection to investigate gas leaks can be done independently. All you have to do is switch off gas appliances and then monitor the gas meter. If the needle continues in the upwards trajectory, then you may have a gas leak.

With the information we have gathered in relation to what causes gas leaks, it becomes abundantly clear that plumbers play a critical role in keeping the house gas-leak-free and taking care of gas line repairs in Los Angeles. So if you feel the need to upgrade the plumbing installations in your home? Feel free to call Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Services.

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