Plumbing Repair

Need to upgrade the plumbing installations in your home? Just call Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Services. Our team of professionals is always ready to fix your plumbing installations! Perfectly operating plumbing systems are very important for the comfort of your home, but it's hard to think you'll never run into one. Our team at Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Services is proud to provide fast and accurate work done right the first time.
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Plumbing Services

You might be able to unclog your shower drain or fix the leaky Pipe underneath your kitchen sink, but the complex plumbing systems are best left to the experts. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Services assures you a guaranteed plumbing repair and installation. We have over 27 years of experience in plumbing installation and repair services. We make every effort possible to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We've got the tools, equipment, and resources to install and repair any system. If you're looking for a plumber that you can trust to fix your plumbing problems, whether it is drain cleaning or Gas line repair in Los Angeles, you can call us anytime for a quick response to your plumbing needs. Our family-owned plumbing service will treat you like family!

Drain Cleaning

FOGS (fats, oils, and grease) soap residue, damaged hairs, and other debris will result in clogged drains. When drains aren’t cleaned, they can cause clogging, affect your plumbing system, and we all know where that leads to. Our professional plumbers at Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. are bonded, licensed, and trained professionals to provide the best drain cleaning in Los Angeles. We aim to deliver effective and durable services of drain cleaning in Culver City to our clients and immediately resolve any draining issues with no inconvenience at all.

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Water Heaters

Like pipelines and drainage systems, water heaters also require repairs from time to time as they are crucial in our day-to-day routines. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. offer you premium water heater installation in Los Angeles, water heater repair, and replacement services right according to our client's needs at a pocket-friendly cost. Contact us today if you're facing one of the following unfortunate situations;
• Taking too much time to heat water
• Leakage from the water heater tank
• Irregular functioning of water heater tanker

Gas Line (Pro Press Technology)

Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. uses the amalgamation of modern technology and premium safety methods to serve our clients in the most innovative manner possible. Our technicians use Pro Press Technology to provide complete and secured sealing services. We provide the most reliable and consistent Gas Line installation in Los Angeles and utilize smart features to fit each Pipe perfectly. Prioritizing efficiency, our experts know how to do the job right.
plumbing companies in los angeles ca
plumbing companies in los angeles ca

Sewer Camera Inspections

Debris, tree roots, and other waste materials can damage your plumbing pipes and drainage systems drastically. At Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc., we take pride in sewer line inspection in Los Angeles and in repairing sewer systems through our innovative method of sewer line video inspection. Using this camera inspection, it has become easier for us to find the problem area and act immediately to resolve it. Our skilled plumbing professionals have performed repairs and re-piping of all types of plumbing systems for many different home layouts. Get your sewer system checked through our Sewer Camera Inspection services and fix your drainage system today.

Hydro Jetting

Tired of slow-moving drains and clogged sewage lines and want to avail of hydro jetting in Los Angeles? It’s time to call the professionals. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. will manage and resolve all your drain clog problems and cleaning needs with the advanced Hydro Jetting services. We provide effective, reliable, and advanced draining system to keep your plumbing system flowing smoothly always.

plumbing companies in los angeles ca
plumbing companies in los angeles ca

Pipe Lining (Trenchless)

The money you have to spend on repairing the underground sewer and water pipes can't be underestimated. Not only does this process result in the tearing up of your garden, but it also requires a substantial amount and effort. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. now offers you trenchless sewer repair in Log Angeles along with the pipelining installation and replacement at pocket-friendly costs. In addition, our superior sewer pipeline repairing can save your property from heavy damage in no time.

Mechanical Line Stops

The only alternative left before draining or shutting down a piping system is mechanical line stopping. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. now offers you mechanical line stops service for your clogged pipeline system to avoid interruptions and resolve an emergency pipe break. We don't just partially clean your sewer system; instead, we are committed to evaluating your location's plumbing system and offering you thorough maintenance and cleaning checks while being light on your pocket.
plumbing companies in los angeles ca
plumbing companies in los angeles ca

Cast Iron Repair and Replacement

Cast iron repairs or replacement is one of the best and widely accepted methods of repairing all cracked, damaged, or broken cast iron components. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. now provides you cold cast iron repair and replacement services to avoid the introduction of an unnecessary additional distortion or stress to your sewer system. We would be at your place for a detailed inspection after your call in order to provide you with a contract for scope of work.

Copper repair and replacement (Pro Press Technology)

Facing issues related to your plumbing and rooter system? We've got you covered. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. offers you adequate services, including plumbing and backflow in Los Angeles, along with the copper press-fitting and replacement services at the most affordable prices and a guarantee of first-class services. Our licensed plumbing technicians are experts in delivering inflammable solutions to mend and secure copper pipe connections. We use the power of hydraulic tools to press the specially designed connect for joining traditional pipes and creating a reliable and strong connection free from leakage.
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Sewer Mains

Damaged or cracked sewer main causes more troubles than just costly repairs of drainage system; they can result in pricey property damage and increased health risks. Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc. offer you sewer line inspection in Los Angeles and repair and replacement services, all while ensuring that your property layout and sewer system don't get damaged. We provide Pipe relining, Burst pipe hydraulic replacement, and Preventive pipe maintenance services after thoroughly determining the problem area. Our technicians will listen and consider your problems and suggestions, locate the problem area, and come up with the best solution to fix it.

Re-piping Residential/Commercial

If you're noticing sewerage smells around your home, stagnant water, or damp areas around your commercial property, maybe it's time to re-pipe the entire drainage system. At Wolf Plumbing and Rooter Service Inc., we strive to provide our clients stress-free, smooth re-piping services by using the right equipment and genuine material. Our plumbers will go at every length to ensure that your property stays safe and neat, all while efficiently repairing or replacing your sewer lines using different equipped methodologies such as sewer camera inspection services. Moreover, we take immense pride in re-piping the drainage system at commercial and residential locations by adopting the latest techniques and tech solutions. Contact us today and get an estimated quote.
plumbing companies in los angeles ca